Pension Plans – Why I cancelled Mine

UK State Pensions

UK State Pensions

Today, workers can no longer rely on the state, private pensions, or the next generation to support them in their old age. [Read more...]

How Much Money Do I Need To Save Before I Retire?

Social Security and Private Pensions

Social Security and Private Pensions

For some, social security and private pensions are still an achievable reality in your retirement. What is also a growing reality though, are the extra number of years of work before you can enjoy that retirement.

The age of retirement is rising alongside life expectancy, whilst the number of working people paying into a state retirement pot is dramatically decreasing. [Read more...]

How will I build a big enough nest egg to retire?


Lets start by saying this: there is no one size fits all plan for how best to build your retirement fund. Exploring alternative ways to grow one and avoid precarious market fluctuations are an absolute must right now.

A comfortable retirement basically can be summed up as having enough money to live on, without having to stress about where the next dollar is coming from.

The general consensus is pointing towards people needing that pension pot to be a full fat $2 million deep, to give an annuity of around $50000 per annum in your retirement years. [Read more...]

Offshore Tax Planning for Death Duties

It is beyond belief how Governments can tax people upon their deaths, on income they already paid tax on when they were alive…but they do!

Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes, both favoured high inheritance tax as a tool to achieve social equality, but whatever your view is on this subject, there are methods to employ, to avoid or reduce the amount you pay in death duties. [Read more...]