About Us

Hi, my name is Marc Walton. I started my first business with no money aged 21 & retired to the island of my dreams at 40.

However retirement is much more expensive than I imagined and it gets boring! Since then I learned to make serious money working from my home office.

It took me years before I made a penny as an internet marketer and a similar period of time before I became successful trading currencies, but I had the money and the time to devote to it AND I was able to call on other experienced people to show me the way. Over the last decade I have mentored 1000′s of people how to trade forex via the educational website I run with Dean Saunders, www.forexmentorpro.com

This is a brilliant example of how mentoring works. Dean & I had never met, he was living in the Caribbean & I was 1000′s of miles away in the Canary Islands & yet with his internet marketing skills and my forex trading knowledge we created a business that has generated $MILLIONS in the last few years!

Similarly I was fortunate to be in a group led by George, a precious metals specialist who got me dabbling in buying gold at $400 an ounce, he then almost forced me to buy more at $700 & much more in recent years. As I write this today, gold stands at $1700 an ounce!

We also have my property mentor Martin, his knowledge helped me retire years earlier than planned and helped create a substantial income. These guys, myself and others will be available within the site to share their knowledge and help you learn to look after yourself financially. None of us are financial advisers but we will show you innovative ways to make money and grow your wealth & how to play the game by the same rules as the rich. See you on the inside: CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Marc Walton