How will I build a big enough nest egg to retire?


Lets start by saying this: there is no one size fits all plan for how best to build your retirement fund. Exploring alternative ways to grow one and avoid precarious market fluctuations are an absolute must right now.

A comfortable retirement basically can be summed up as having enough money to live on, without having to stress about where the next dollar is coming from.

The general consensus is pointing towards people needing that pension pot to be a full fat $2 million deep, to give an annuity of around $50000 per annum in your retirement years.

It is doubtful, that even with $50000, you are going to get a totally stress free few years either, bearing in mind those troublesome brothers, instability and inflation.

Research shows that the more realistic amount in an individuals pot in the US and UK is around $75000, so really not happy reading. Perhaps even more worrying still is, that the vast majority of folk are at best one pay cheque away from disaster, i.e., if we lost our job and income, how many of us would have more than a months wages to fall back on?

In 2006, nearly 2 million pensioners were forced back into work, and in the US, McDonald’s was one of the biggest employers of 65 year olds. So, that’s one reality, and here is another.

Obviously, ideally you can start very young. Saving around $55000 pa over 30 years would get you there, or better still you could put aside $17500 pa at 7% over 30 years. That would be pretty good too. Even better still, returns of nearer 10% would further reduce this annual amount to $10000, or $850 per month, and again after 30 years, Bingo!, you are knocking on your very own $2million retirement fund door. We all know that 10% returns consistently over 30 years are about as likely as Santa Claus taking a winters break, but hey ho, we live in hope, ´Ho Ho Ho´.

The bottom line is that most conventional pension routes are tied in with the stock markets, which points to massive unreliability, when most of those markets appear to be heading for a crash.

So, what can we do to Build A Big Enough Nest Egg To Retire?

Create as many “Hands free” income streams as possible NOW. In the we show you how to do just that with some innovative money making suggestions and lots of out of the box thinking. How to really make money now and for the long term via the internet. Innovative property and precious metal strategies are another kind of investment to consider to give the returns we are all going to need to build anywhere near the sort of nest eggs we are talking about. After all, homes are still needed , even in crises times, and faith in the value of precious metals remains as strong as ever.

If you can build online businesses that fund investment properties with income each month, then, quite possibly you could be on route toward that $2million pot, and a greater stress free early retirement. There are other ways, so stay positive, and  explore with our help what works best for you.

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