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The last 100 or so years saw massive changes. The horse was replaced by horse power. The Wright Brothers 1st flew in 1903, man was on the moon 66 years later and since 2005 the rich can reserve a flight into space. In 1998 Google was founded and today is valued at over $240 Billion. In 2004 Facebook was launched, now it has over a billion users and it made one of its 28 year old founders a multi billionaire 

However the biggest change is yet to come

We have all seen the doom and gloom of the financial crash repeated almost daily since 2008. What we have seen so far is just the tip of the ice berg. The financial world as we know it is about to go undergo its biggest crisis EVER. Governments are bankrupt. Unemployment is rising therefore tax revenue is falling. There is not enough money now to fund Social security & pensions and its about to get a whole lot worse.

The good news is that for those who are willing to adapt to change and NOW  this will be the most profitable time of their lives.

As Charles Darwin famously said “ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent….. it’s the ones most adaptable to change”

Unfortunately the vast majority of financially naïve people will see the worst of times.

Here is a video I recorded back in July 2012 which is still highly relevant today.

Wealth Creation: How To Survive & Thrive In The Economic Crisis


In Britain for example in 1909 the welfare state began. Men aged 70 and over could claim a “pension” from the government. At the time it was no big deal as the average life expectancy was just 48! And there were 10 workers for every retiree. In the USA social security started in 1935 when there were 44 workers per retiree. With all the baby boomers retiring now and in the next few years that figure is nearer to 2 workers per pensioner.

Governments have already spent the money that was intended for pensioners. There is nowhere near enough money being paid in taxes to fund it, already many have started to move the retirement age and this is just the beginning of what will be a very painful process for most people.

so what is going to happen?

Keep borrowing and printing more money? It cant go on forever and printing money reduces the value of what you may have saved up and throughout history has ALWAYS ended in disaster. The next black cloud looming on the horizon is interest rate rises. When they do imagine how many more people will lose their homes. This is a vicious cycle that is still in its early stages. Politicians will have you believe that the worst is over, unfortunately they lie for a living.

The good news is that if you follow our lead and NOW you will have the best opportunity in your life time to take control of & grow your income. Then discover  how better to manage your own finances now and for your retirement.

Handing money over blindly to pension companies to manage it for you has always been risky THAT has recently got much worse. Pity those poor people who had their pensions with Lehman brothers who lost it all. Pity those who retired just as the stock market crashed.

The important thing to take on board right now Is that there is another way.

My name is Marc Walton. I started my first business with no money, aged 21. When I hit the big 40 I sold my third & retired with my young family to our island in the sun. I now make more money than ever working from home using my computer & I mentor others to do the same.

I have assembled a group of like minded, successful people (most of whom started with nothing) into a mastermind, mentor group. This group is available to the lucky few who join us. We will show you how we still manage to increase our income and net worth now and our plans for the future, using proven techniques that have worked for over 100 years offline and more recently via the internet.

Here are brief bio’s of just a few of our mastermind group who have combined sales of well over $100 MILLION from a mix of offline & online businesses..

Steve Cole: sold his internet company in 2000 for $35 Million, he also launched companies on the Nasdaq, now concentrates on business coaching and technology.

Rich Friesen: technology consultant, psychologist and former options trader who was earning over $500.000 a year as early as the 1980’s.

John Thornhill: Worked in a car factory for 20 years  until 2006, has now sold over $5 Million of products via the internet, ebay and amazon

Martin O’Hearne: Left school at 16 & started work as an undertakers assistant, now owns $multi million property portfolio and advisory service.

We also have corporate trainer Dan Low who has mentored top CEO’s from some of the biggest companies on the planet, Gold expert George who almost forced me to buy it at $700 an ounce, we also have other successful business owners & experts who are happy to help those who are willing to help themselves.

This is NOT the usual “get rich quick” nonsense. We are currently closed to new members so we can concentrate on helping current ones. If you would like to be included in our newsletter and be notified when we next re-open CLICK HERE

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