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Internet advertising has emerged as a faster, smarter and a cheaper way to communicate with the masses irrespective of their geographical boundaries. While Google and Facebook are relatively new players in this area, craigslist.org is the first online advertisement websites that has been around since 1995. It has developed into one of the largest classified ad sites covering 50 countries with millions of viewers per month. With time it has become more ubiquitous than it was before. There are numerous jobs, gigs and services available on this website that require services of qualified people either on part time basis or full time. So, if you are thinking how to earn extra money for yourself this weekend, craigslist is your answer.

But first you should know the basics to work your way around craigslist.

How to look for a job on craigslist?

  • Open www.craigslist.org.
  • It will open up the local craigslist site. You will be able to see a number of different categories for each section. If you are trying for one time job only then you should go to gigs section on the website. On the other hand there is a jobs section for full time and part time job ads with many sub categories. Select the one which suits your abilities and interest.
  • Remember craigslist is area specific. Look under that state or city which is your desired location.
  • Go through all the listed jobs there. Remember jobs are listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Once you have made up your mind about a certain job, browse through the details. Make sure it’s according to your choice and within your commuting distance.
  • Go into further details listed in the ad about the specificities of the job. Make sure that you are still interested.
  • Useful tips to remember
  1. Look out for scams. A free advertising site will get a lot of scam and bogus ads. Craigslist has introduced fee for posting jobs in major cities so that scams are minimized.
  2. Read out the scam reviews by craigslist and how to avoid them.
  3. If any ad is too good to be true, simply avoid it.

Responding to a job ad

Once you have decided about a particular job, next step is to craft a very good response if you want to get hired.

  • Provide a good presentable resume including concise details of your work experience, education, skills and certification. You might use resume templates available on internet. While writing your resume do keep in mind the job description in the ad posted. Mention your skills and previous experiences accordingly.
  •  Write a cover letter in the email describing your skills for that job in a precise short manner. Cover letter is the first thing which will get noticed. If you chose right words in it, you will have a good chance of getting a full review of resume. So invest your time in it. You may add examples of your previous work if they are matching the requirements posted in the ad
  • Follow up your response by reminding the employer about the email.
  • Useful tips to remember
  1. Respond quickly to ads, lest others get the job while you were giving it a thought.
  2. Don’t overdo your resume and cover letter.
  3. Don’t use boring and difficult language to impress the employer. Describe as if you really are the right candidate with right skills but in simple language.
  4. If it requires some of your work samples do attach them. For example a graphic design company will consider you if you provide some of your best samples of work per their requirements.
  5. Don’t use cover letter as an attachment of word document in email. Employer will not open it because he is too busy to scan hundreds of replies. Say it in the body of email.
  6. Protect your personal information. Don’t mention details of your primary email, phone numbers etc unless you trust the employer.
  7. Last but not the least; never mention your lack of knowledge in any area such as applications or software. Either search them out before applying or simply don’t mention.

Selling your services or skills

You can find work on craigslist by marketing yourself. There is a section which allows people to put their resume online or if you are a skilled worker and provide specific services like floor carpeting or home cleaning, you can post an ad on the site.

  • Create an account on www.craigslist.org. It will help in organizing your ad responses.
  • Place an ad by clicking the appropriate button on the home page.
  • Now create an ad which describes exactly what you are looking for and what you are capable of.
  • Mention that resume and sample work will be provided on demand.
  • You can also post your resume by going to “resume’ section.
  • Tips to remember
  1. Use catchy title for your ad post.
  2. Create an alternate email because there is a good chance of getting a lot of spam emails in response.
  3. Make it clear in the ad that you are here to find work.
  4. Protect your personal information.
  5. Online networking, building contacts and getting to know people is the best way to get hired. So do networking on craigslist.
  6. Create an online portfolio and join professional networking sites. Use this as a hyperlink in your resume or ad post on craigslist.


Online advertisement and job hiring is gaining momentum day by day. As it is getting less irritating and more professional with time so it requires more agility and professionalism from job seekers. Nowadays recession has shriveled opportunities in some fields while increasing in many others. Broaden your area of interest so that you may fit anywhere in your own field or related ones. Always show a willingness to learn. Human resources expert Suzanne Lucas suggests that job seekers look for a job that no one else wants when trying to enter a new field. “If a position is hard to fill, they may be willing to hire you if you are willing to learn how to do the work, rather than requiring you to already be an expert”.

Good luck with your job hunt.

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Author: Marc Walton

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