How to Re-spin Articles

Article Spinning

Article Spinning

Writing good quality articles for promotional purposes can take a long time and eat into your working week as a freelance writer.  If you learn how to re-spin your articles, you can spend your time more productively and increase your earnings as a result.

If you click on the full article link, you’ll discover:

  • What article spinning is
  • How it can reduce the time you spend writing for article directories
  • Other uses for article re-spinning
  • The tools you can use to re-spin your articles automatically and what to look for when choosing one
  • When you shouldn’t re-spin articles to avoid search engine penalties and damaging your reputation.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    Some marketers think spinning is a dirty word but I think that if it is done correctly and used in the right places it can be a very useful tool for driving traffic and creating backlinks to improve rankings.


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