How to Write for Newspapers and Magazines

Freelance Writing

If you’ve always wanted to see your name in print, writing articles for newspapers and magazines will achieve that and earn you a useful income at the same time.  Although the circulation of some print newspapers and magazines has decreased, you can access even more freelance opportunities within their online versions.

To become a successful writer for newspapers and magazines, there are a number of things that you need to know.  The full article on this subject covers the following:

  • The qualities you need to have to be the freelance writer that editors want to use
  • How to find publications that will accept proposals from freelance writers, even if you have no previous experience
  • How to produce a proposal that will encourage an editor to commission you
  • What action you need to take to earn a regular income from writing for newspapers and magazines
  • 5 top tips to creating a strong article that will get you published.

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