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Hi,the main site has re-opened from today and best of all it is now 100% FREE of charge & you can access it here: Winners Inner Circle

its just over 12 months ago since the original launch when I managed to break my shoulder just as the doors opened :(  – I have been so busy that I never got to finish the project but its re-opened from today and best of all its all free)!

My name is Marc Walton. I started my first business when I was 21 years old, with no money and semi retired aged 40. Since then I emigrated with my young family to the warm & sunny Canary Islands and I now make more money working from home than I did with my previous business where I employed over 20 people & regularly worked 60/70 hours and drove over 1000 miles a week just to get to work and back!

Since then, with the help of a group of friends and mentors I learned how to make a six figure income, working from home, via the internet. Between us we have sales of over $100 MILLION from online and offline businesses so you could say we know a thing or two about making money and investing it smarter. This knowledge is now available to you FREE of charge and you can find it all in the main site: Winners Inner Circle

In the mentor group we have, to name but a few, Stephen Cole who created one of the first U.K online retail stores in the late 1990′s. Steve sold his company for $35 Million in 2001 and is now heavily involved in tech start ups. Rich Friesen is an ex futures trader, turned Clinical Psychologist, here is a link to a page where you can see the biographies of all the mentors, including myself: Who We Are

If you want to discover how to make more money NOW and invest it smarter. How to control your own financial destiny and retirement income then this is definitely something you need to check out

I now earn more money, have less stress, spend more time with my family. No more commute. Zero staff. Work when I choose. Earn money whilst I sleep! Sounds great BUT it wasn’t as easy as the marketers would have you believe. In the main site we give you complete “Success blueprints” to follow. One of the first is form Suzie Larcombe. Suzie quit her six figure job working for an investment company in Scotland, over 10 years ago. She now live sin her dream location (near to the ski slopes) and makes a substantial income working from home. Suzie gives you a step by step guide, showing how she makes money working from home and the hours she chooses.

Main Site Update

My 17 year old son, Tom, has done most of the work on the main site, using his new found skills to create the new website and there are lots more money making systems and strategies to come in the coming weeks and months, including a good friend of mine who managed to create a business via Amazon last year that went from $0 sales month 1 to $20.000 by the 4th! & he will tell you how, step by step! 

You can access the main site here: Winners Inner CLICK HERE 

John Thornhills 100% Success Guarantee

You will remember that hugely successful internet marketer John Thornhill was one of our original contributing mentors. John has just relaunched his “Partnership to Success” program where he guarantees to take you from struggling to make money online, to a position where you can make a full time, substantial income working from home via the internet. Best of all he offers a 100% guarantee of your success which is unheard of in my experience.

If you dream of quitting your job and building multiple income streams that will make you big money now and in to your retirement then John is the man who can get you there and NOW is the time to take action. He has a limited number of places that will go fast. If you want to make 2014 THE year when you change your financial destiny then check out Johns offer now.

John Thornhills Partnership to Success 

  • John will give you a complete blueprint to follow (totally revamped for 2014)
  • Weekly calls where you can discuss your progress and ask him anything you like
  • Access to his lists to help promote your own products which he will help you create
  • Students also receive Free of charge ALL the products in Johns back catalogue ((over $5000 worth)
  • AND products from other respected marketers like Jim Cockrum & Omar Martins
  • John boasts a 100% success rate with students who complete his course.

Make 2014 YOUR year and take action NOW. This is your chance to create the future you dream of and quit the J.O.B CLICK HERE

Johns special offer will be taken down by the 6th of February 2014 or sooner.

Best wishes,


Author: Marc Walton

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