Pension Plans – Why I cancelled Mine

UK State Pensions

UK State Pensions

Today, workers can no longer rely on the state, private pensions, or the next generation to support them in their old age.


Post war euphoria and optimism created a baby boom generation. Today, this generation is sapping an already seriously depleted pensions budget. This, coupled with the severe financial instability in the world, and governments´ apparent reluctance to speak the truth  about the matter…well you begin to get the picture that is now causing this unprecedented political, and financial tension.

The strain on the existing pensions system has simply become unbearable.
Massive budget deficits mean that if you are under fifty, pretty much forget it for your retirement. If there is to be anything left for you, at best, it will be the icing on a cake you’ve made for yourself.

Governments response in the leading industrialised nations, has been to raise the age a person can retire. Amidst the understandable outrage that this policy is provoking, is the simple fact that millions of people are now being asked to work up to the last years of their lives. This ´theft´ of the most precious of assets, our time, is designed to relieve the strain on the system. However, lets just have look at it from a slightly different angle though.

Recent research was carried out by a major insurance company into life expectancy in retirement. Rather alarmingly it revealed the following:

Retiring at age 65 gave us an average life expentancy of 71
Retiring at 60 meant dying at 76
Retiring at 55 would give us an average of 26 more ´stress free´ years

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at these figures, and see the links between them and the serious money saving that they could have on the budgets deficit. Put a little more bluntly, if there is less to pay out, that’s more money back in the state pocket.


So, we are left with a system that is no longer working, but the stress  and pressure on people to keep up with the system continues. People are still working hard to get what they want, and then working harder still, to pay for these things, and in turn remaining well and truly trapped in a vicious circle. ´Earning´ money will never match ´Having´ money, because the former also steals your most precious asset… time.

But still, less than 1% of our population are awake to this fact. Why?

We´ve got the industrial revolution and its inherent mentality to largely thank for this. The systems put in place then, are still recognisable in the ´developed worlds´ education, government and work places of today, ensuring the status quo of a dissatisfied, yet largely passive population. This outdated system has ensured the majority of us remain in our rightful places, rewarded through liveable wages, but not too much, given an education, but not too much, and given jobs and homes for life, but not too much!


How do we escape this ultimately self defeating system, and not have to rely on a pension plan for your peace of mind and quality of life in your latter years ?
How do you become part of that smart escapee (less than)1 %?

Begin by teaching yourself on line. Increase your vital knowledge by creating an online network of support, that works for you. Use mentors that know how, positive friends, learning how to work for you, and not money. Learn about passive income generation through dividends, patents, royalties, manipulating stocks and shares, or how to get the best possible returns from property investment.

Learn all the things about making money that our systems have never wanted to teach us, or for us to know.

We are in an exciting time of change, with the old established systems collapsing around us, and new ways of financial intelligence and education emerging on a previously unforeseen scale. That really does put a different meaning to making a pension plan redundant.

Wake up…our time is now!

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