How to Publish a Kindle E-book

Kindle eBooks

If you have a burning desire to publish an e-book, the Kindle format allows you to do this easily and to earn a useful income as well.  In order to do this, you need to understand how to format and upload your e-book as well as how to market it to get those royalties rolling in. [Read more...]

How to Write for Newspapers and Magazines

Freelance Writing

If you’ve always wanted to see your name in print, writing articles for newspapers and magazines will achieve that and earn you a useful income at the same time.  Although the circulation of some print newspapers and magazines has decreased, you can access even more freelance opportunities within their online versions. [Read more...]

How to Write Blog Articles

Write Blog Articles

Blogging is an established way of getting your content online but you may not realise that a popular blog can earn a good income in a number of different ways.  The best bloggers use their writing talents to generate regular income and their tactics are now revealed by Winners Inner Circle, a website dedicated to giving you the resources to improve your financial circumstances and learn from some very senior mentors who will share the secrets of their success with you. [Read more...]

The Importance of Keywords to Writers


Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between an also-ran content writer and an effective keyword rich copywriter that can command higher fees?  It all lies in the concept of using those keywords to promote commercial activity.  If you can research and use the keywords that are relevant to a particular website’s content, business owners will want to hire you to write for them. [Read more...]

When Bad and Poor, Mean Richer and Better

Annuities Market

Annuities Market

The annuities market is being described as ‘toxic’, returns plummeting, and pensioners turning away from even purchasing annuities for their ‘best years’, yet it seems many of us are missing out on the increased income possibilities to be gained from having an enhanced or impaired life annuity. [Read more...]

Is It Possible To Avoid Paying Tax On Gains?

I Want you to Pay Taxes

I Want you to Pay Taxes

More and more governments are applying aggressive pressure on offshore ´tax havens´, and countries that aid the reduction, avoidance and evasion of paying tax on your personal, business and capital gains. [Read more...]