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When you first venture into the realms of freelance writing or any type of service as a way of earning a part-time or full-time income, you need to make people aware that (a) you’re available, and (b) that you have the ability and skills to meet their expectations.

It doesn’t matter if you want to write for clients as, for example, a copywriter, or sell your work to the general public, you need to get your name and your services known. The beauty of using an established freelance site is that it doesn’t matter whether you are based in the USA or Uzbekistan!

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Freelance websites

Freelance websites have been available for a number of years but have really come into their own following the recession. When you have a lot of people looking for extra work and a lot of businesses that have to outsource jobs rather than hire staff, all you need is virtual place for them to meet up. Enter sites like People Per Hour, Elance and Guru.

Most of these websites work on the basis that people can post up a job that they need done and freelancers can submit a proposal and a price to do it. You can message, send work and invoice via the website, which earns its income by taking a percentage of the fee that you earn.

To be successful on freelance websites, you should follow these tips:

  • Give your introduction on your profile a lot of thought and use it as a vehicle to promote your services.
  • Be sure to attach samples of your writing, particularly if you are new to the site.
  • Consider bidding for jobs with a lower rate of pay at the start. These jobs will have less competition from established freelancers and you’ll stand a better chance of being awarded the work. All you need are a few good reviews from clients to establish your credentials and to allow you to break into those more lucrative writing jobs.
  • While you will need to bid for quite a lot of jobs to be awarded a proportion of them, don’t be tempted to copy and paste the same pitch for each proposal.
  • Your bid should always use wording that indicates that you understand the requirements of the job – repeating some of the phrases from the assignment details is a good way of showing that you have paid attention.
  • The same principle applies to the writing samples that you provide as part of your proposal. Pick your best work but make sure that it’s relevant. If someone is looking for a blogger, make sure that you attach short articles and blogs rather than longer pieces.
  • Always proof read any proposal that you send. If there are spelling or punctuation mistakes, your potential customer will view you as careless and choose another writer.
  • If you choose to set up a fixed fee service, research your competition on the website and try to think of something that is a little different to make your proposition unique. For example, if most freelancers are offering to write 1,000 words of web content, you could try specialising in press releases instead.
  • Build a portfolio
  • If you don’t have any writing credentials, it’s fairly simple to establish some. To begin with, set up your own blog and post on it regularly.You can then attach samples of your blogs or links to your blog within your proposals. The same applies with article directories. If you can tap into popular or trending topics, you’ll attract a good level of attention.

Even better, seek out fellow bloggers and arrange to post on each other’s blogs. This will lend you credibility as your potential clients will see that you’re trusted enough by other writers to produce content for them. You can check out blogger networks such as Blogdash or blogSynergy to find contacts and guest blogging opportunities.

If your end goal is to sell your own information products, establishing a popular blog is one of the best ways you can promote yourself and build trust with your audience. Websites such as WordPress will help you to create a blog for free and without any technical knowledge needed. Many of them also have plugins that will allow you to add functions such as a shopping cart if you want to develop new income opportunities in the future.

Get on social media

Creating a fan page on Facebook or a profile on LinkedIn allows you to showcase and highlight your work by posting links back to your blog or website. Facebook is particularly good for this if you have already have a profile and can invite your existing friends and contacts to share details of your official page across their networks. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is more useful for gaining connections to other professionals such as editors and publishers.

You should seriously consider having a simple social media action plan to build your profile as it’s easy to achieve and doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. In addition, if you become proficient at marketing yourself on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you can add social media writing to the list of services that you are able to provide.

Essentially, the more online networking you can do, the more you can expect your income to grow as you reach new readers.

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